Too small spacing inside states

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asked Sep 28, 2018 in Bug by Pander (780 points)

States inside states have often not the proper spacing on top. See

state a {
    b --> c
state d {
    e --> f
state g {
    h --> i
state j {
    k -> l
state m {
    n --> o
[*] --> e
f --> h
[*] -left-> k
l -left-> n
note "only state b has\nproper distance on top" as N

and output

commented Sep 29, 2018 by albert (3,520 points)
When running in the plantuml webserver ( result: I see that there is a bit more space, but still some more spce would be better.  Looks like you are using an "older" versions.

1 Answer

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answered Sep 29, 2018 by Pander (780 points)
I was using version 1.2018.11 With which should I retest?
commented Sep 30, 2018 by albert (3,520 points)
I tested with the webservers version. You can probably test with the latest bets / update: this is currently version: 1.2018.11beta11 I do not know which beta sub version you are using (java -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar plantuml.jar -version). I tested now with the 1.2018.11beta11 and see the slightly better result here as well.