Could skinparam linetype parameter be broken?

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asked Nov 26, 2018 in Question / help by anonymous
Hi PlanUML -

Firstly, thanks for the great tool, I learned of it quite recently and so far I mostly like it.

I am working on some diagram and as I searched for the ways to make it look better, I stumbled across skinparam linetype parameter, and tried both ortho and polyline, which seemed to help. Unfortunately, at the time I was testing with Atom using plantuml-viewer plugin.

However, when I try using the same diagram via, confluence plugin in JIRA, or different package for Atom (plantuml-preview), I don't get any changes in the diagram whatsoever, despite whether I use linetype ortho, polyline, or comment it out completely.

Would you happen to know from the top of your head whether there's something that could affect this? I could probably work on obfuscating the diagram to make it possible to share if that would be needed for troubleshooting but it feels like I must be doing something wrong, no?

I seem to have PlantUML version 1.2018.12 (Sun Oct 21 12:15:15 CEST 2018), and I should have the latest version of GraphViz too (I got it through brew last week, I'm running on Mac).



Edit: Ok, fun fact... So I spent like half Friday afternoon fixing this without luck, so this morning I decided to try the different Atom plugin, tried it still didn't work, and posted this. And not that the diagram didn't work, but the linetype ortho didn't apply, and it looked ugly (compared to the other entry as I mentioned).

So I reviewed my lines after writing up this post to continue looking for a way to resolve this, and started to try "expertly touching :D" the puml syntax after being refreshed from the weekend. And surprisingly enough I got the issue resolved - now the diagram looks exactly like it did with plantuml-viewer package for Atom after I switched it there to linetype ortho. Needless to say though, that still changing skinparam linetype doesn't have any effect. Not sure where could this issue be coming from?

So what I originally, I had in my diagram following:

bWPS <-d- bMQ
bMQ <-d- bWIS

These three bad boys are some rectangles, among many other things (got about 250 lines, some are styling though).

After I changed this to:

bMQ -u-> bWPS
bWIS -u-> bMQ

I've got the identical diagram to the one where the "ortho" caught up.

Let me know if you'd be interested in getting some obfuscated sample for this potential issue, I should be able to provide those. In the meantime for me it's game on again, back to work! :-)

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