allow_mixing doesn't work with sequence diagram

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asked Dec 13, 2018 in Bug by rsandeepu (230 points)

The output of below script is failing with

PlantUML diagram

If i remove allow_mixing it works fine. I need to mix sequence diagrams with component diagrams or class diagrams . Can you please let me know how to mix the diagrams for the same plantuml script.

actor User
participant "First Class" as A
participant "Second Class" as B
participant "Last Class" as C

User -> A: DoWork
activate A

A -> B: Create Request
activate B

B -> C: DoWork
activate C
C --> B: WorkDone
destroy C

B --> A: Request Created
deactivate B

A --> User: Done
deactivate A


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answered Dec 13, 2018 by mgrol (2,800 points)


I don't think the answer you got is much different from the one you got in, which states: "It does not really make sense to mix up sequence and class diagram." As a side remark, this is rather a feature request than a bug in plantuml.

I think your provided example is good enough to understand what you want to achieve. You want to describe a sequence that hands over something like a shared container object or data transfer object that fills in the data. I tried other uml tools on the mixing. Don't pin me down on that, but neither argouml nor papyrus were able to mix those two. Mixing a behavioral and a structural diagram sounds rather complex to understand for the reader of your diagrams.



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answered Dec 13, 2018 by plantuml (203,960 points)

Maybe you should post a simpler example of what you are trying to do.

For example, here is a simple sequence diagram:

participant "First Class" as A << (C,#ADD1B2) >>
participant "Second Class" as B << (C,#ADD1B2) >>

A -> B: call method1

And here is a simple class diagram:

class "First Class" as A
A <|-- foo1
A <|-- foo2

Mixing both would give something like:

Is this really what you want to do ?
So what we better understand your need, please use some image editor to manually create the diagram you want and post it to

It will really help us!