allow_mixing doesn't work with sequence diagram

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asked May 31, 2018 in Bug by rsandeepu (320 points)

The output of below script is failing with

PlantUML diagram

If i remove allow_mixing it works fine. I need to mix sequence diagrams with component diagrams or class diagrams . Can you please let me know how to mix the diagrams for the same plantuml script.

actor User
participant "First Class" as A
participant "Second Class" as B
participant "Last Class" as C

User -> A: DoWork
activate A

A -> B: Create Request
activate B

B -> C: DoWork
activate C
C --> B: WorkDone
destroy C

B --> A: Request Created
deactivate B

A --> User: Done
deactivate A

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answered May 31, 2018 by plantuml (295,000 points)
It does not really make sense to mix up sequence and class diagram.

Could you post here an image of what you are looking for ? This will help us to understand your need.

commented Jun 1, 2018 by rsandeepu (320 points)
Here is an example showing my requirement.
Basically i wanted to show at which stage of sequence what all members of a class are filled.
Just arranged rectangles to mimic sequence diagram for visualization in this example.

rectangle "Actor A" as TopActorA
rectangle "Actor A" as BottomActorA
rectangle "Initialization" as InitA
rectangle "Run" as RunA
rectangle "Close" as CloseA
TopActorA -down[#black]- InitA
InitA -down[#black]- RunA
RunA -down[#black]- CloseA
CloseA -down[#black]- BottomActorA

rectangle "Actor B" as TopActorB
rectangle "Actor B" as BottomActorB
rectangle "RunB" as RunB
TopActorB -down[#black]- RunB
RunB -down[#black]- BottomActorB

rectangle "Actor C" as TopActorC
rectangle "Actor C" as BottomActorC
rectangle "RunC" as RunC
TopActorC -down[#black]- RunC
RunC -down[#black]- BottomActorC

RunA -right-> RunB
RunB -> RunB
RunB -right-> RunC

class ProgramData{
RunA -[#blue]right-> ProgramData::Data1
RunB -[#blue]right-> ProgramData::Data2
RunB -[#blue]right-> ProgramData::Data3
RunC -[#blue]right-> ProgramData::Data4

Or you can look at the image by using the link below:
commented Oct 16, 2018 by rsandeepu (320 points)
Any updates to this issue ?