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asked Mar 18 in Wanted features by andi

Hi all,

is there any possibility to implement a simple search_reaplace functionality in a macro.

E.g. I want to replace all '::' sequences by a '/' to convert a full qualified classname to a filepath for inclusion.


!definelong provide_interface(comp, interface)

!include search_replace(interface, '::', '/')##.plantuml

comp ..|> interface


component example

provide_interface(example, example::Example_interface)


where the file example/Example_interface.plantuml contains the plantuml fragment for the interface.

Thank you in advance. Plantuml is a great tool.

1 Answer

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answered Mar 21 by plantuml (203,680 points)
This is not possible with current release.

However, we are currently completely redesigning the preprocessor (see http://wiki.plantuml.net/site/plantumlshell ) so this is something we could think about.

Thanks for the idea