PlantUML clipping text in class diagram.

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asked Apr 17 in Bug by Michael


It looks like PlantUML is clipping some text out of the class diagram on the left when given the following markup.  In this case, it's part of my interface name.  I'm using the latest PlantUML.jar.  Is this a bug or intended?  What could I do to get around the problem?




title Some Stuff

' Classes

class Company

class BusinessUnit

class Group

class Employee

' Interface Implementations

IGroup ()- Company
IGroup ()- BusinessUnit

' Relationships

Company --> BusinessUnit
BusinessUnit --> Group
Group --> Employee


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answered May 9 by anonymous


There are the following workarounds until you get a formal answer.

      |                              |
      V                              V
title .          Some Stuff          .

Please try.

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It is me who wrote the last comment.
I have rewritten you to read this conmment on smartphone.
And I improved a little.
Write the title unnecessarily long.

title \n <-(10 spaces)-> Some Stuff <-(10 spaces)-> \n