Weird layout of arrows

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asked May 24, 2019 in Question / help by maw (120 points)

Hey guys,

I have a problem with the following diagram:


skinparam monochrome true
skinparam dpi 300
skinparam linetype ortho

database Cloud

rectangle Device {
  component Com
  component Board {
    rectangle Component1
    rectangle Component2
  component Sense1
  component Sense2
  component Sense3
  component Act

database DB

Cloud <-down-> Com
Com <-down-> Board
Board <-up-> DB

Sense1 -down-> Board
Sense2 "6" -down-> Board
Sense3 "4" -down-> Board

Act <-up-> Board

What bothers me is the strange layout of the arrow from "Sense1" to "Board". Any ideas how to improve that?



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