Automated tabulation in classes

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asked May 25, 2019 in Wanted features by anonymous

Having prepared to define a table:

!define T (P,YellowGreen) Database Table
!define table(x) class x <<T>>
!define primary_key(x) <b>PK: x</b>
!define foreign_key(x,reference) <b>FK: </b>x

The formatting into colums needs adding \t manually:

  {field} primary_key(uid) : \t\t\t uid \t just put a primary key to every table
  {field} customerno : \t\t integer \t counting customers
  {field} customername : \t string \t let them have a name

First it should be possibl to let ":"  start a column automatically.

Second wish, that the columns align automaticall (similar to a pattern in LaTeX  l, c, r, X would be great ;-)
instead of writing \t\t\t to get it somehow "nice formatted".

Does any body have an idea how to sort that out globally for all groups, {fields}, ... ?
The columns may have different with for fields and methods and by X the text might not disturb the name area and break into several lines instead of making the diagram to wide.

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