Enforce attachment points for Arrows and Relationships

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asked May 30, 2019 in Wanted features by KJW

Shape attachment points for Arrows & Relationships maybe called  a glue point which accepts a templated grid of attachment locations that that can be layered onto the shape/component.

#attachCardinal2 ie (12 , 6, clock positions)

#attachCardinal4 ie (12 , 3, 6, 9 clock positions)

#attachCardinal6 ie (12 , 2, 4, 6, 8 , 10, clock positions)

Skinparam ClassGluePoint

Skinparam ComponentGluePoint

Skinparam RectangleGluePoint

skinparam linetype ortho

skinparam componentgluepoint attacheCardinal4

component A as a {} 

component B as b {} 

component C as c {} 

component D as d {} 

component E as e {} 

component F as f {} 

a (12)<–[]->(6) b 

a (6)<–[]->(12) c 

b (3)<–[]->(9) d 

a (3)<–[]->(6) d 

c (3)<–[]->(6) d 

d (3)<–[]->(9) e 

a (9)<–[]->(12) e

c (9)<–[]->(3) f

f (12)<–[]->(9) b

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