Explicit control over arrow start and end points and combining with [hidden] to position objects

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asked Nov 21, 2019 in Wanted features by BungledB (140 points)

Would it be possible to add the capability to more explicitly specify where on an object you want the connector or arrow to start / end (rather than just -u- -d- -l- -r-)? It could work on many types of diagram.

You could maybe do it with compass points like this, for example:

[Component1] -se-e- [Component2]

could result in this (sketched example of what I mean):

Or a nested example:

Cloud “Cloud” {
[C1] -r- [C2]
[C1] -d- [C3]
[C2] -d- [C3]
Node “Node” {
Cloud -sw-ne- Node

would make this:

Even better would be if you could combine this with the [hidden] instruction so that you could position objects “invisibly”, giving priority to the order of the connection definitions (1st one defines the object's position, all later ones just draw connections), and the starting point defines the direction of the connector (so when you start at 'se', the line goes down and to the right, which defines where the object at the end goes, for example):

cloud "Cloud" {
[C1] -r- [C2]
[C1] -d- [C3]
[C2] -d- [C3]
node "Node" {
Cloud -e-[hidden]-w- [Component1]
[Component1] -se-[hidden]-ne- [Component2]
Node -ne-sw- [Component1]

Would look like this (I drew in the hidden lines to make it clear what I mean):

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