Feature - ability to set the bar colour for alt block sections, with out sequence

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asked Jun 6, 2019 in Question / help by wesley_olis (120 points)
The ability to these the activation bar for the request to colour code alt block with out having to have sequence


alice -> bob : hello
  activate bob #white

bob -> bob : self call
bill -> bob #005500 : hello from thread 2
bob -> george ** : create
alt George Timeout
  bob <- bob
  activate bob #orange

  note right bob
  end note

  deactivate bob
else uuu
  bob <-- george : Failed Repsonse 200
  activate bob #red

  note right bob
  end note
else hhh
  deactivate bob
  bob <-- george
  activate bob #lightGreen

  note right bob
  end note
  deactivate bob
return rc
bob -> george !! : delete
return success

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answered Jun 12, 2019 by plantuml (225,980 points)
Not sure to understand the request.

Could you be more specific ?