should not stack, agent, boundary, control, entity, interface, usecase support {} notation?

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asked Jun 14 in Bug by boshka (2,740 points)
edited Jun 14 by boshka

Please have a look

Same issue with: agent, boundary, control, entity, interface, usecase

Could we support the notation with {} please?

I think, it should be fixed the same way you did for queue:

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answered Jun 17 by plantuml (205,940 points)
We have added support for stack in last beta ( )

We have issue to have it working with boundary, control, interface and usecase mainly because packages managed by GraphViz/dot are rectangle. Is it a big issue for you ?
commented Jun 17 by boshka (2,740 points)
There can be an issue since the {} notation allows adding sub components inside such components, which is, in fact, can be very useful.

Also, you were able to fix this for queue, and it looks it is not a rectangle
commented Jun 18 by boshka (2,740 points)
the beta works ok for stack, except minor thing - the color of the stack in the {} notation should be black by default (now it is like maroon)