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asked Jun 16 in Wanted features by noamtm (140 points)
At times (and in some diagrams, quite commonly) I want to put a note over all participants. This is done by using `note over A, B, C`, making sure to include all participants on the list (or, at least the first and last one...).

I suggest the following new syntax that will do the same:

`note across`

This will paint a note over all participants, as if all of them were on the list. Alternative to `across` might be `over-all`.

Thank you for an awesome tool!


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answered Jun 17 by plantuml (208,860 points)

Thanks for the suggestion, this is a good idea!

So with last beta you can now have :

note accross: foo

Is this what you were looking for ?

This has not been fully tested, so tell us if you find some issues!

commented Jul 1 by Thomas
Now accross is used but is it the correct spelling or is it across?
commented Jul 1 by plantuml (208,860 points)
You're right, the correct spelling is 'across'

This is fixed in last beta

Thanks for pointing this out!