How to create a copy of diagram in question (packages with empty headers and labelled bodies)

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asked Jun 26, 2019 in Question / help by Lockywolf

This is the diagram in question:

I have taken it from Tomas A. Pender's UML Weekend Crash Course, Figure 1-1

My best attempt so far has been the following:

skinparam monochrome true

package "Behavioral Elements" as pBE
package "Foundation" as pF
package "Model Management" as pMM
pBE -.> pF
pMM -.> pF

left footer "Figure 1-1 Packages of the UML metamodel"

Not too bad, but I would like the following:

  1. Remove the pF, pBE, pMM from the package headers.
  2. Make the diagram 'one row' as opposed to a 'binary tree'.
  3. If possible, make the header of a package a true rectangle, rather than a trapezoid.
  4. If possible, write the packages in the package pBF{} way, rather than one-line.

Can someone help?

1 Answer

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answered Jun 26, 2019 by plantuml (295,000 points)