detach after endwhile - does not detach

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asked Jul 11 in Bug by boshka (2,740 points)

Sometimes one needs to depict a really infinite loops without exit. To do so:

shouldn't I be able to detach at the exit from while loop? That is, after endwhile:

commented Jul 12 by albert (2,540 points)
Would 'end'  after the while loop be sufficient for you?
commented Jul 12 by boshka (2,740 points)
not quite - end has slightly another meaning. detach would mean that there is no exit from the loop
commented Jul 12 by albert (2,540 points)

Maybe some reformulation (?), though probably the while loop should have to work in @plantuml as well.:

    :Listen user<;
    :Reply user>
  repeat while (forever)

(just google e.g. for "plantuml endless loop" )

commented Jul 12 by boshka (2,740 points)
well, I am not stating that there is no other way to achieve the same result.

I just state that there is a bug: detach does not work as expected

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