Invalid output text in sub-diagram when local compile to SVG

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asked Sep 1, 2022 in Bug by dd (160 points)


When I localy compile "test.puml" (UTF-8 encoding) file to SVG, I get incorrect text in sub-diagram.


@startuml test
:Text Фраза
:Text Фраза;

D:\jdk-\bin\java.exe -jar plantuml-1.2022.7.jar -charset UTF-8 -tsvg -o . test.puml


But when I localy compile "test.puml" (UTF-8 encoding) file to PNG, I get correct text in sub-diagram.

D:\jdk-\bin\java.exe -jar plantuml-1.2022.7.jar -charset UTF-8 -tpng -o . test.puml


Also if use PlantUML Server for SVG, the result is correct.

What could be the reason for incorrect text in sub-diagram when local compilation to SVG?

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