note linked to activity lose color and tail when more than one note is defined on same side

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asked Jul 22 in Bug by ggmimi


I can't manage to display more than one colored note on same side of an activity whith already existing note.

Both note loose color and are displayed with note's default color, and loose their litle tail :

This can be reproduced with this simple example :

note right #blue
end note
note right #red
end note

Is there a way to display many colored notes on same side of activities, like with state diagrams ?


state state1 #hotpink

state1 -[#hotpink]-> state2 : <color:#hotpink><b>example</b></color>
state2 --> state3 : text2

note left of state1 #blue
end note

note left of state1 #pink
end note

note right of state1
end note

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