Insert box inside while loop

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asked Jul 27, 2019 in Question / help by muteboy (140 points)

I'm making an Activity Diagram, where multiple parties are performing actions, and setting a status in the system.

Here's my simple example:

note right: this is the action
#Orange:State = Proposed/
note right: this is the state set in the system
repeat while (Accepted?) is (NO, REVISE)
floating note right : If accepted = No, need to set state to "Revise" and go back to before "Propose".\nHow can I insert an orange State shape in the "NO" arrow?
#Orange:State = Accepted/
note right: if the item is accepted, the Engineer sets the state to Accepted

Here's the narrative.

  1. Contractor proposes an item, and sets Status to Proposed.
  2. Engineer reviews item.
    1. If accepted, Engineer sets Status to Accepted and we move on.
    2. If the Engineer does not accept the item, they set the Status to Revise, and the arrow should then go back to the Contractor's Propose box. 
How can I add a box to show the Engineer setting the Status to Revise before the arrow goes back to Propose?
Am I using the right kind of diagram? I do want the swimlanes.
Grateful for any suggestions,

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