Trouble with partition position

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asked Aug 6 in Question / help by Mike (140 points)


I try to specify position (left or right) of several partitions : it is working great for the first declaration, but evry partition goes to the right at the end.

Here is my test :


partition "My Partition" {
(*) --> "Step1" <<Stage>>
--> "Step2" <<Stage>>
--> (*)

partition "First left partition" {
"Step1" -left-> First left Action <<Bash>>

partition "First right partition" {
"Step1" -right-> First right Action <<Bash>>

partition "Second left partition" {
"Step2" -left-> Second left Action <<Bash>>

partition "Second right partition" {
"Step2" -right-> Second right Action <<Bash>>


Is there anything I am making wrong ?

Thanks for your attention.


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