Improper layout when multipliciteies are used in an horizontal association

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asked Nov 3, 2019 in Bug by anonymous

The layout of an horizontal association doesn't consider the width of the multiplicity to determine the minimum width required for drawing the association line.  It neither reserves a minimum horizontal space on both sides for achieving an unambiguous layout about which side of the association is concerned. 

For example, an horizontal aggregation: 

    Pond  "xxxxxx" o- "o..*" Swan 

results in the confusing diagram: 


The 0..* multiplicity should appear unambiguously on the swan side, and the line shhould be long enough to allow xxxxxx and 0..* to be on the correct side, with some distance to the opposite side and without overlap.   

The layout of the verical alternative o-- doesn't suffer of such a confusing problem.  

For the time being, the expected layout can only be obtained with the workaround of using a blank label for manual padding purpose: 

    Pond  "xxxxx" o- "o..*" Swan : "               "


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