[Timing diagram] Color for participant text

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asked May 26 in Wanted features by EtienneA (180 points)
I have two signals and I would like their text to be displayed in a different color, e.g. "MyInput" in red and "TheOutput" in blue. I am not talking about coloring the lines, but the text displayed at the left of the timing diagram.

binary "MyInput" as MyInput
binary "TheOutput" as TheOutput



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answered May 26 by The-Lu (45,860 points)
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Hello É.,

For that you can use creole, as:

clock "Clock" as C with period 1
binary "<color:red>MyInput" as I
binary "<color:blue>TheOutput" as O

I is low
I is low
I is high
O is high

See also doc. here:

If  that can help,