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asked Dec 1, 2019 in Bug by Andrespo (120 points)

Dear administers,

I fear unpleasant experience by myself to create an account may have disappointed already a number of folks who would have otherwise be the participants.

I mean I had to pass through this bumpy Anitspam2 'please please wait 1 or 2 minutes'. I've finally made it, but it took me to iterate few times and  each actually lasted more than 2 mins.

When I was struggling there was no hint or explanation displayed like it's now (when I am writing this very text) This verification will stop appearing once your account is approved.

So at least this very bare line should've been on the registration page!

And secondly, while I appreciate the idea, I am guessing it will still require a human's decision to 'approve' the likes of myself. And when that's the case, maybe it would be of the same efforts

to disapprove a new account in case it will prove spam suspicion. That is I suggest to consider to leave newly registered ones out of the '2 mins' wait for no faults of their own.



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answered Dec 1, 2019 by plantuml (223,180 points)

Thanks for the feedback.
We are sorry about your unpleasant experience.

Spam is really a nightmare for us, but we really want to allow anonymous posting (that is, we don't want to force people to create an account on our forum to contribute).

After reading your post, we did two things:

  • first, we have reduced the delay of Antispam2.
  • then we have updated the displayed text to something more accurate:

This verification will stop appearing once you will have post several approved messages.

Note that, for your personal case, now that you have some approved posting, you should not have to deal with the Antispam2 things anymore.

Thanks again and sorry about your lost time!