Dynamically put object into another one.

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asked Dec 13, 2019 in Question / help by Bartek


Currently I'm working on C4 architecture model of application. I would like to create a puml file contains definitions of components and then use them in another file. 

I have two problems:

1.I would like to hide parent(OutsideC2) but display child (InsideC1). It seems to be legit, but it might be useful in some cases to display child. Is there any variable to change this behavior?

2. I cannot put already defined rectangle inside another one. It there anyhow possbile to do this in another file?


I there a possbility to change parent of item dynamically?


@startuml "Definitions"

'Case 1

rectangle "OutsideC1" as outsideC1 {

    rectangle "InsideC1" as insideC1 {



'Case 2

rectangle "OutsideC2" as outsideC2 {


rectangle "InsideC2" as insideC2 {



In 2nd file

@startuml "Usage"

!include ObjectDefinitions.puml

'Case 1

I would like to hide parent(OutsideC2) but display child (InsideC1)

'Case 2

' Here i would like to put

'InsideC2 into OutsideC2


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