PlantUML doesnt work in Confluence due to error : dot/GraphViz has crashed

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asked Jan 20, 2020 in Bug by mayu2085 (120 points)
We are using Confluence 6.6.8 and PlantUML for Confluence plugin version 6.24

The GraphViz version is 2.26
One of our working UML diagram has stopped working suddenly. A simple UML on the same page works fine.
I also added PLANTUML_LIMIT_SIZE = 16384 in my but it also didnt help.

I am also attaching the UML code.

Please help us to resolve it.

database "Oracle CLF_Production" as DB3 {
package "CoreMedia Content Server" as CoreMediaContent {
[Content Server] as ContentServer
[Workflow Server] as ContentWorkflow
[Importer] as ContentImporter
ContentWorkflow -up-> ContentServer
ContentImporter -up-> ContentServer
database "Oracle CM_Production" as DB1 {
package "CoreMedia Preview Server" as CoreMediaPreview {
[apache2] as apachePreview
package "tomcat coremedia" {
[Active Delivery Server] as ActiveDeliveryServerPreview
[MVN Forum] as forum
package "tomcat logicfunction" {
[logicfunctions] as logicfunctionsPreview
[MVN Forum] as forum
package "tomcat search" {
[solr] as solrPreview
apachePreview-> ActiveDeliveryServerPreview
apachePreview-> WAGE
apachePreview-> logicfunctionsPreview
apachePreview -> forum
apachePreview-> solrPreview
ActiveDeliveryServerPreview -> solrPreview
  logicfunctionsPreview -> CLF_Production
[Vigis Export] as vigisExport
vigisExport -> CLF_Production
[webgrabber] as webgrabber
package CoreMediaMaster {
[Master Server] as CoremediaMasterServer
[PADS(Delivery Server)] as PADS
[Swift MQ] as SwiftMQ
    [Corex Uploader] as CorexUploader
PADS -up-> CoremediaMasterServer
PADS -down-> SwiftMQ
CorexUploader -up-> SwiftMQ
database "Oracle CM_Master" as KBMasterDB {
package "NorthBound" {
[WebBrowser Editor] as WebBrowserEditor
[WebBrowser Client] as WebBrowserClient
[Candy] as Candy
[Load Balancer] as KBLoadBalancer
[Coremedia Editor] as CoremediaEditor
ActiveDeliveryServerPreview  -> ContentServer
package "CoreMedia Slave Server2" as CoreMediaSlave2 {
[apache2] as apacheSlave2
package "tomcat coremedia" as tomcatCoremediaSlave2 {
[Active Delivery Server] as ActiveDeliveryServerSlave2
[Live Content Server] as LiveContentServerSlave2
package "tomcat logicfunction" as logicSlave2 {
[logicfunctions] as logicfunctionsSlave2
package "tomcat search" as tomcatSolrSlave2 {
[solr] as solrSlave2
database "Oracle CM_Slave" as DBSlave2 {
apacheSlave2-> ActiveDeliveryServerSlave2
apacheSlave2-> logicfunctionsSlave2
apacheSlave2-> forum
apacheSlave2 -> solrSlave2
ActiveDeliveryServerSlave2 -> solrSlave2
ActiveDeliveryServerSlave2 -> LiveContentServerSlave2
LiveContentServerSlave2 -> CoremediaMasterServer
logicfunctionsSlave2 -> CLF_Production
LiveContentServerSlave2 -> CM_Slave2
package "CoreMedia Slave Server" as CoreMediaSlave {
[apache2] as apacheSlave
[KB 0900 Service] as KB0900Service
[KB 0900 Service import] as import0900
import0900-> CLF_Production
package "tomcat coremedia" as tomcatCoremediaSlave {
[Active Delivery Server] as ActiveDeliveryServerSlave
[Live Content Server] as LiveContentServerSlave
package "tomcat logicfunction" as logicSlave {
[logicfunctions] as logicfunctionsSlave
package "tomcat search" as tomcatSolrSlave {
[solr] as solrSlave
database "Oracle CM_Slave" as DBSlave {
apacheSlave-> ActiveDeliveryServerSlave
apacheSlave-> logicfunctionsSlave
apacheSlave-> forum
apacheSlave-> solrSlave
ActiveDeliveryServerSlave -> solrSlave
ActiveDeliveryServerSlave -> LiveContentServerSlave
LiveContentServerSlave -> CoremediaMasterServer
logicfunctionsSlave-> CLF_Production
LiveContentServerSlave -> CM_Slave
apacheSlave -> KB0900Service
KB0900Service -> CLF_Production
WebBrowserEditor -> apachePreview
package "SouthBound" {
[DPM Corex CorexEditorServer] as CorexEditorServer
[Ftp InfoScreen] as InfoScreen
[Active Directory] as ActiveDirectory
[FTP900] as FTP900
[Webgrabber Output] as webout
CoremediaEditor -> ContentServer
ContentServer -> ContentWorkflow
ContentServer -> CoremediaMasterServer
ContentServer -> ActiveDirectory
ContentServer -> CM_Production
CoremediaMasterServer -right-> CM_Master
PADS -> InfoScreen
CorexUploader -> CorexEditorServer
Candy -> apachePreview
vigisExport -> VIGIS
import0900-> FTP900
webgrabber -> webout
webgrabber -> apacheSlave
KBLoadBalancer -> apacheSlave
KBLoadBalancer -> apacheSlave2
WebBrowserClient -> KBLoadBalancer
apacheSlave -> KB0900Service

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answered Jan 20, 2020 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Jan 23, 2020 by mayu2085
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GraphViz 2.26 is very old. You should upgrade to 2.38

Another option is to change your "->" arrow to "-->". It will help.

See the result here

commented Jan 23, 2020 by Mayuresh
Thanks for the suggestion. The upgrade was not working due to missing packages supported on OS (RHEL 6)

But the arrow suggestion worked.

Thanks for the answer.