Map use cases and their connections to programming language objects

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asked Feb 6 in Question / help by PlantUserFromBrazil (120 points)


I would like to know if it's possible to interpret the plant uml (Use Case Diagram) syntax and generate some objects derived from them. 

For example this plant uml code bellow:

User --> (Start)
(Start) --> (First Action)
could generate instances of respective objects
class UseCase{
class Actor{
The Instances would be:
useCase1 = {
 parentUseCase: NULL,
actor1= {
useCase2 = {
 parentUseCase: useCase1,
 name:"First Action"

I Am asking this becaus i need to interpret the plant syntak and generate an Task Syntax of the TaskJuggler
Something Like

task user "User" {
  task start "Start"{
    task first_action "First Action"{

Any Ideas how to do that?

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