PlantUML Not Rendering in IntelliJ even after installing Graphviz

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asked Mar 17 in Question / help by Jen
I have installed the PlantUML Framework in IntelliJ by going to Preferences -> Markdown.  It says it is installed and ready to use.  I have also set GRAPHVIZ_DOT to /usr/local/bin/dot in my .zsh and tried to set it via the IntelliJ command line and set it via IntelliJ's Preferences -> Appearance & Behavior -> Path Variables.  

The error I always get is

Dot Executable: /opt/local/bin/dot

File does not exist

Cannot find Graphviz.  You should try





java -jar plantuml.jar -testdot

I have also set a symbolic link in /opt/local/bin to point to /usr/local/bin/dot, but still to no avail.  The above tests work via the command line, both in IntelliJ and not.  But not rendering in IntelliJ itself.  Is there a way to uninstall the Framework and try to start over?

What am I missing to get this working?

Thank you.

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answered Mar 21 by plantuml (229,920 points)

Can you try to exec :

ls -l /opt/local/bin/dot

and give us the result ?

Maybe there are some right/grant issue on that file.

commented Mar 23 by Jen

Thanks for your response.

Here's the output of 

ls -l /opt/local/bin/dot

lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel    18B Mar 16 10:14 /opt/local/bin/dot@ -> /usr/local/bin/dot