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asked Apr 1, 2020 in Question / help by mc (120 points)
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How to disable specified type elements' shadow? For example, disable notes' shadow:

@startuml test

' {dark,light}{orange,red,green,blue}

!define DARKBLUE

!define FONTNAME "Bookerly"

!includeurl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Drakemor/RedDress-PlantUML/master/style.puml

skinparam {

dpi 150

roundcorner 10

defaultfontname Bookerly

defaultfontstyle italic

NoteShadowing false


skinparam NoteShadowing false

class Object << general >>

Object <|--- ArrayList : parent

note top of Object : In java, every class\nextends this one.

note "This is a floating note" as N1

note "This note is connected\nto several objects." as N2

Object .. N2

N2 .. ArrayList : a message

class Foo {






styled method()


note bottom: On last defined class

Foo -[hidden]> Object


commented Apr 2, 2020 by albert (3,180 points)

Looks like that the NoteShadowing false has no effect, When using Shadowing false all shadows are gone.

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answered Apr 22 by The-Lu (44,040 points)

Hello M., and all,

Just to answer an old question, now with style, you can manage individually, as:

All with shadowing:

Only note without shadowing:

with adding:

skinparam shadowing true
note {
  shadowing 0

If that can help,