Set if BorderColor black

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asked May 27 in Question / help by PlutoNix (240 points)

I would like to change the default color of the border for if-else.

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answered May 28 by PlutoNix (240 points)
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Use: skinparam ActivityDiamondBorderColor black

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answered May 27 by The-Lu (4,980 points)

Hello P.,

If it is for Activity Diagram, You can use LineColor and new style feature like:

diamond {
  LineColor black

With this result:

[click to see on PlantUML online server]

If that can help,

commented May 28 by PlutoNix (240 points)

Thank you for your time but for me didn't work in that way but you used diamond keyword and I knew what to find in skinparam. smiley

 In the end I used: skinparam ActivityDiamondBorderColor black