Gantt: Weekscale with weeknumbers?

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asked Jun 3 in Wanted features by mawi (440 points)


I would very much like to have the weekscale display weeknumbers instead of dates.

So month display is ok in weekscale, but instead of having the week starting date displayed in the week row for each row, display weeknumber. Perhaps (optionally) prefix with "W". 

  • Simple implementation could just set it manually, as you do with "project starts 2020/06/05"; maybe set week start there too, e g "project starts 2020/06/05 week 23" or maybe a separate directive tied to the weekscale directive, "printscale weekly firstweek 23". This is flexible, as it is manual and allows the user to use any of the most common project numbering use cases:
    • Calendar week numbering
    • Week numbering from project start
    • etc
  • More advanced would be to calculate the weeknumber. The problem is then you have to have a setting for the first week (see shot above, for instance).
BR! /marcus
commented Sep 5 by mawi (440 points)

Here is how it could look (using imgur, somehow image edit thingy is having a bad day):


commented 13 hours ago by Serge Wenger Work (13,280 points)
Dear PlantUML team,

Did you think about this feature? One of my customer want a planning with only week numbers.

It is really an issue for me.

Thanks for this great tool

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