Gantt crashes with specific Project start dates

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asked Sep 25 in Bug by Zian_vW (120 points)

Tool crashes with weekly printscale and project start date between 2023/9/25 and 2023/9/29


printscale weekly
project starts 2023/9/29

[Test] lasts 1 day

commented Sep 25 by albert (3,480 points)
Looks like the problem here is the fact that the printscale is set to weekly but the project only lasts 1 day (also happens for other dates), but still the crash shouldn't happen.

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answered Sep 25 by anonymous

My comment about some dates working came from a more extensive example.  After I stripped it down to a minimal test case, I did not realize that it also stopped working for dates that had previously worked.

I first had this:


printscale weekly
saturdays are closed
sundays are closed

project starts 2023/9/25

[Test] lasts 1 day


Here, if I change the project start date to 2023/9/24, it works, but 2023/9/25 to 2023/9/29 does not.  It seems that if I put the project start date on a day for which I've said something (Saturday and Sunday being closed, in this example), then it works, otherwise not.

commented Sep 25 by The-Lu (60,440 points)

[For the PlantUML team here is the error stack

 RootCause java.lang.NullPointerException   


commented 3 days ago by plantuml (293,520 points)

Thanks for the feedback.

This is now fixed!

Still, the drawing is ugly :-)