"Pale line on the bottom and right of node" due to shadowing when backgroundcolor is transparent [v1.2020.11]

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asked Jun 5, 2020 in Bug by The-Lu (63,080 points)


As mentionned on /11657 :

First, the "pale line on the bottom of node" is due to shadowing.
I agree that it's an issue, but I won't talk about it here (because it's already complex enough :-).
You may create a new question about this specific point if you wish.

Here is a specific defect for that.

On version 2020.11, on PNG export, for node group, when use of  'Backgroundcolor transparent', we observe "Pale line on the bottom and right of node":

PlantUML diagram

[Click to see on PlantUML server]
Example, with 'navy' blue color, in order to good seeing this issue.

We don't observe that on SVG export.

Thanks for your work,

commented Jun 15, 2020 by The-Lu (63,080 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

With last new version 1.2020.13, it seems that we does not observe a pale line but only some pale pixels!

PlantUML diagram
[Click to see...]


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