beta-style: LineStyle and LineThickness management for Component or Deployment diagram

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asked Jun 10, 2020 in Wanted features by The-Lu (60,440 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

Continuing style tests on component diagram, and deployment diagram, adapted from:

How to manage, by style (for element and group (package)):

  •     LineStyle
  •     LineThickness

Here is an example, where the two fields seem to be ignored:

group {
    BackgroundColor green
    LineStyle 5
    LineThickness 3
package {
    BackgroundColor palegreen
    LineStyle 2
    LineThickness 2

That is OK for BackgroundColor (green and palegreen), but not for LineStyle and LineThickness!
[Click to see code on online server]

Thanks for yours works,

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answered Jun 10, 2020 by plantuml (293,520 points)
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Thanks for the feedback.

This should be solved in last beta

You can even have now:

root {
    LineStyle 5

package package1 {
node n
package p