Requirements for using plantuml in R package to create xml graphs?

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asked Jun 24, 2020 in Question / help by rkrug (420 points)

I am nearly done with developing an R package, which makes it possible to include plantuml code in Markdown files which is than compiled into graphs. The repo is at and the website at .

The package obviously needs the `plantuml.jar` file to work properly. To make this for the user as easy as possible, I have included a function which downloads the `plantuml.jar` file automatically and stores it in a specific directory for usage in the package.

My question is: are there any specific requirements which I need to fulfil in that package to be in complicance with the package? Does the user has to agree to a license, before downloading, or is an automatic download in line with the plantuml license?

Thanks, and any feedback on the package is welcome,


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answered Jun 24, 2020 by plantuml (293,520 points)
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Thanks for your work on the R package !

We are very open, so there are no specific requirements to fulfil. You can automatic download the jar file, this is compliant with our rules.
commented Jun 25, 2020 by rkrug (420 points)
Thanks a lot - I will keep you posted about the progress and when it is on CRAN