Can gantt chart task labels all appear down the left hand margin?

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asked Jul 24 in Wanted features by Tim

I can't see way to have task labels positioned outside the task bars. My tasks are often only several days and the names are always longer than the bar. Having down the left would look more tidy.



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answered Jul 24 by The-Lu (5,860 points)

Hello T.,

A first workaround is to add some dummy spaces (~ 2 or 3 per days) before the task's labels, as:

[Task1] lasts 1 days
then [    Task2_long_long_long] as [T2] lasts 2 days
-- Phase Two --
then [    Task3] as [T3] lasts 2 days
[    Task4] as [T4] lasts 1 day
[    Task5] as [T5] lasts 2 days
[T2] -> [T4]
[T2] -> [T5]
[            Task6_long_long_long] as [T6] lasts 4 days
[T3] -> [T6]
[T5] -> [T6]

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If that can help,
Awaiting an automatic positionning,