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asked Sep 3 in Bug by rremer (140 points)
Hi guys I think  PlantUML is amazing and your doing great work!  I've just been playing around with the nwdiag and have found that the code below shows network 'internal' and 'c' overlapping in the generated picture. In this instances I would expect network 'c' to be on its own line and web01 to be connected to all networks.

nwdiag {
network dmz {
      address = "210.x.x.x/24"

      web01 [address = "210.x.x.1"];
      web02 [address = "210.x.x.2"];
  network internal {
      address = "172.x.x.x/24";

      web01 [address = "172.x.x.1"];
network c {
      address = "172.x.x.x/25";

      web01 [address = "172.x.x.1"];

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answered Sep 4 by The-Lu (8,340 points)

Hello R.,

There is an issue:

[Code on Plantuml server]

Here is the good result with the same code on nwdiag website:

Here is a temporary workaround, with change of order of the network (by putting 'internal' network after 'c' network):

[Code on PlantUML online server]

If that can help,