HTML tag based format lost after \n

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asked Dec 12, 2020 in Bug by kirchsth (2,170 points)

If I have a \n in my text the HTML tagged based styles are lost in the following lines. Eg.

rectangle "<size:30>1. line with size 30\n2. line not 30 anymore (and end elemnt end is displayed too)</size>"
rectangle "<size:30>1. line with size 30</size>\n<size:30>2. line with 30 too</size>"


PlantUML diagram

It could be a problem with the missing close/open html tags before/after the \n.

Is it possible to add automatically (internally) the closing/open HTML tags?

Thank you and best regards

commented Dec 14, 2020 by kirchsth
Thank you, I use this workaround already in and hide it in a procedure.
I thought I you could be relative simple in PlantUML to collect all (open)HTML tags on a stack, close it in front of each line break and reopen it afterwards (and it has no side effects)

"My no side effect assumption" is not correct (if a users wants to start without the active tags), but wouldn't it be possible to (de)activate the new functionality via a skinparam?

Thank you and best regards Helmut

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