Component Regression with version 1.2021.01beta7

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asked Jan 29 in Bug by Serge Wenger Work (14,160 points)

I have a test with alll components. It is no more working with version 1.2021.01beta7. It was OK with version 1.2021.01beta3

PlantUML diagram

commented Jan 29 by albert (3,120 points)
What is the code of the problem? The image says "Diagram Source" and a QR (?) code but I don't know how to get to the code (and I would anyway never try to decode such a QR code).

Looks like the code is 27 lines so easy to publish here.
commented Jan 29 by The-Lu (31,160 points)

Hello all,

In fact, it's "label" that's the problem... Regression on "label" component...

Here are some minimal example :

label label

label label [[{label}]]

Thanks PlantUML for your support,

commented Jan 29 by Serge Wenger Work (14,160 points)
edited Jan 29 by Serge Wenger Work

@albert: you are right: I was a little busy and the full example with all components is here

@The-Lu: Thanks for the minimal example

I create my own set of sample diagram, but an "automatic test" to detect this kind of regressions would be nice

commented Jan 29 by The-Lu (31,160 points)

Hello all,

Here is a funny workaround wink, with adding empty style:


[See on PlantUML online server]


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answered Feb 2 by plantuml (257,900 points)
Thanks for the report.

This should be fixed in last release V1.2021.1