YAML Sequence of Mappings doesn't work at top level

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asked Feb 5, 2021 in Bug by Martin (8,360 points)
edited Feb 7, 2021 by Martin

Example 2.4.  Sequence of Mappings in the YAML spec fails when it is at the root level:

    name: Mark McGwire
    hr:   65
    avg:  0.278
    name: Sammy Sosa
    hr:   63
    avg:  0.288

Nor the compacted form:

Although it works fine as a nested item:


PS I will assume there's no intention to support flow-style, so I won't raise cases for spec examples 2.5 or 2.6.

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answered Feb 7, 2021 by plantuml (294,660 points)
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Thanks for the report. Your examples should be working with last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar and on the online server.

As you have stated, we are not going to support flow-style right now. Let's focus on basic first :-)