Add "hide topbox" for diagrams to allow show of task sequences without specific dates

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asked Mar 21, 2021 in Wanted features by Sturt
Wanted: Ability to hide the date information (any scale) in the "topbox" of a chart so that tasks and projects can be shown as a simpler more sparse overview without the distraction of dates.

It would make these gantt charts applicable for use in more places in service proposals and descriptions.

The "hide topbox" term was used as one possible suggestion, as it would be used in combination with "hide footbox" to hide all the date information from the diagram.
commented Jul 2, 2021 by The-Lu (64,340 points)

Hello S.,

See quasi-similar request here:

A possible workaround, from V 1.2021.8, is to use style to make transparent the header/topbox (but the header space remains...), as:


See doc. here:

If that can help,

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