WBS: "Houston we have a problem" with boxless node at level 4 (****_)

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asked Mar 21 in Bug by Sturt

Expected a4 and a5 to be boxless.

Adding the box back at a4, and the WBS works. It does not matter if a5 uses a box or not.

The following generates the "Houston we have a problem" error. 

(Note: Not a critical error for me, as I used an alternative. I just didn't want to let it slip past).

* a
** a2
*** a3
****_ a4
*****_ a5

1 Answer

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answered Mar 21 by The-Lu (31,200 points)

Hello S.,

The boxless at all levels, on WBS, is a new feature... see: https://forum.plantuml.net/13355/wbs-allow-boxless-node-on-all-level-and-not-only-on-leafnode

With the current beta version (1.2021.3beta+), now (Thanks PlantUML team), we observed the expected result:

And (also for all level...):

Awaiting next stable release,
If that can help,

commented Mar 22 by Sturt
Thank you for a great response and plantuml itself.