Activation is offset (Using Teoz)

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asked Apr 6, 2021 in Bug by mawi (620 points)
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Hello! laugh

Using teoz, for a message chain, where each participant gets activated, there is an offset, where only the first participant gets the lifeline drawn correctly (IMO), and the subsequent are drawn differently, with an offset relative to the first. Well, it is easier to see in a diagram, so check below ;-) ...

Code (on server):

A -> B++: Get data
& A -> C++: 
& A -> D++: 
B -->> A--: Data
& C -->> A--: 
& D -->> A--:

Current actual result for this (imgur):

Actual / Generated result:

Expected result: I would expect activation to be the same across all participants, and preferably (IMO) like that of participant B, the first activated in the chain.

Two related observations: (A) Issue is the same if using ++/-- or explicit activate/deactivate statements, see example here. (B) If you put (first) activate statement before first message, you must explicitly declare A as first participant or things go nuts (not illogical, but maybe not expected/nice) and then all lifeline starts are above instead, but still with different offsets, see here.

Also, btw, should one continue to report here or on github?

As always, thanks for an essential tool.

BR! /marcus

PS Related issue I found: Otherwise, could not find this reported.

I now (Sep 2021) also reported this bug on github, here:

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answered May 26 by The-Lu (65,440 points)

Hi M., and all

FYI, it is now fixed with the last PlantUML version:

Thanks to the PlantUMML team and contributors, yes