Hide empty descriptions removes inline style in State Diagram

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asked Apr 19 in Bug by Vookie

The use of hide empty descriptions removes inline style in State Diagram.

An example:


  hide empty description

  state "Dashed 1" as State_1 ##[dashed]

  State_1 : description

  state "Dashed 2" as State_2 ##[dashed]


Produces one box dashed, while the second one is not. If you remove "hide empty description" both are rendered dashed.

I used PlantUML 1.2021.01.

commented Apr 20 by The-Lu (36,620 points)

Hello PlantUML,

Same observation with #line.dashed form:

Without 'hide empty description' that is OK:

With 'hide empty description' it is KO:

Thanks for the correction,

1 Answer

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answered Apr 28 by The-Lu (36,620 points)

Hello V.,

This is corrected on V1.2021.5 (25 Apr, 2021).

Thanks PlantUML for this works,