Eclipse Layout Kernel

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asked Apr 28 in Wanted features by plantuml (252,100 points)

As explained here we are currently testing Eclipse Layout Kernel.

For example, you can now have :

(You can click on the image to see the source)

This is still an alpha release, so do not expect to much from it.

The big question for our users is: do you think it's an interesting development ?

Thanks for your feedback.

commented Apr 29 by Serge Wenger Work (14,000 points)

Yes, it is an interesting development. I check with a previous Graphviz problem (not PlantUml) and a part is solved.

commented 3 days ago by Martin (4,220 points)
Having a sensible arrow between two packages (i.e. not via the corners) is a refreshing improvement. (Although I don't understand why this couldn't be an option in the existing engine).

The more options for automated layout the better - what works for one diagram might not work for another - so I'm all for this.  It looks like rank is ignored in the new engine, which certainly makes things simpler, but reduces the options for minor tweaking.

I'll try to remember to try this engine on my diagrams going forward in case it improves their look; especially when heavily using packages.

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