More compact Network Diagram

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asked May 16 in Question / help by Weston


I am attempting to make a network diagram however it gets very wide. Is there a way to have the blocks render below each other such as Device7 below Device4 below Device2 below Device1? Also, is there a way to display the devices connected to Switch1 above and below the network connection instead of just below?

Thank you!

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answered Sep 12 by The-Lu (31,200 points)

Hello W.,

With last version (V1.2021.10), we can now observed:

enlightenedFor me that is better, but a bit very too straight (a little shift between each network will be perhaps appreciate [in order to transform opposite layout on an pseudo alternate layout...] )

If that can help,

commented Sep 13 by Weston
Awesome! That is exactly what I need, much more compact! Thank you for the notification!

Now to work finishing my network diagrams!