closed Switch arrow doesn't get drawn with end in activity diagram

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asked Jul 6 in Bug by quinq
closed Aug 30 by plantuml
With a switch in activity diagrams,
if the last case is an end (or stop),
the previous case arrow from the start of the switch
doesn't get drawn.

switch (test?)
case (cond A)
  :Text A;
case (cond B)
  :text B;
case (cond C)

Here, cond B arrow doesn't get drawn
commented Jul 6 by The-Lu (33,360 points)

Hello all, and PlantUML Team,

Yes... it is a defect.

See similar issues here:


commented Jul 6 by quinq

This is indeed a duplicate report.

A had searched for a similar issue but must have missed it.

Thank you for pointing that out, I consider we can close this report and/or mark it as duplicate to the one you linked.