[nwdiag] Issue (on other internal networks) with the new layout engine

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asked Aug 26, 2021 in Bug by The-Lu (64,960 points)

Hello PlantUML,

With the new layout engine for nwdiag:

Note that we have change the layout engine for nwdiag in this beta, so result should be better in some complex case (such as this example)

We observe this minor regression :


Then an Open question:
With the new engine, could you add some parameter (1/2, 1/3, 1/4,... of shift) to transform opposite layout on an pseudo alterne layout...

This layout is very too straight line...


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answered Aug 26, 2021 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Sep 13, 2021 by The-Lu
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Thanks for the report !

This should be fixed in last beta http://beta.plantuml.net/plantuml.jar

Tell us if you find other issues.
commented Aug 27, 2021 by The-Lu (64,960 points)

Thanks PlantUML team,

And for the open question about the layout... (in order to transform opposite layout on an pseudo alterne layout...)

  • Have you some ideas or proposals ?