How can I see the graphviz code that is being generated?

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asked Aug 28, 2021 in Question / help by Mark

I have been using PlantUML to generate state diagrams and it has been an awesome resource! However I am wanting to do some more advanced text support and can't seem to make it happen w/ Plant. I also can't get graphviz dot to layout state diagrams like Plant generates. Just wondering where to look under the hood to see where that happens.

Also any guidance on graphviz tutorials that informed plantuml development would be very welcome as well.

FWIW I am creating a state machine DSL called Frame that generates code in 7 languages (so far) + PlantUML. You can see it here:


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answered Aug 29, 2021 by The-Lu (60,100 points)

Hello M.,

In order to keep intermediate graphviz output/input, you can use this option:


With that:

java -jar plantuml.jar -debugsvek filename.puml

We observe the 2 intermediate files:

  • filename_svek.svg

See doc. here:

If that can help,