Custom Themes: Don't require "from <folder>" if theme is in search path

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asked Nov 10 in Wanted features by coxley (220 points)

Command: /usr/local/bin/java -Dplantuml.include.path="/my/folder/" -jar /usr/share/java/plantuml.jar -headless -pipe -pipedelimitor XXXMYDELIMXXX

Files: internal.iuml, puml-theme-one.puml, puml-theme-two.puml

It's weird to me that we can do !include internal.iuml -- but not !theme one. I run PlantUML at my company and want to have a couple standard themes. But where the themes are located on the servers should be abstracted. 

Is there a reason for this?

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answered Nov 10 by plantuml (262,900 points)

Is there a reason for this?

Not really: we are going to fix this.

We'll post a message here when this will be ready.

commented Nov 10 by coxley (220 points)
Thank you. :)
commented Nov 10 by plantuml (262,900 points)
This may be fixed in last beta

We made few tests, so feedback welcome.