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asked Dec 24, 2021 in Question / help by eszasdwer (140 points)
In the 'Working with Resources' function of the Gantt chart, assuming that all participants are participating in each task, is it possible to remove the resource mark of the participant in the task's content?

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answered Jan 1 by plantuml (279,680 points)
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Let's take this example.

Which part would you like to remove?


commented Jan 3 by eszasdwer (140 points)
Thank you for answer.

I want to clear the name and resource percentage from the task bar of the picture.

  I want it to be Task1, not Task1 {Alice}.

I want it to be Task2, not Task2 {Bob 50%}.

thank you!
commented Jan 3 by plantuml (279,680 points)

The most difficult is to find some appropriate syntax :-)

With last online version, you can have:

hide ressources names
[Task1] on {Alice} lasts 10 days
[Task2] on {Bob:50%} lasts 2 days
then [Task3] on {Alice:25%} lasts 1 days

We are not 100% satisfied with the syntax. But is this what you are looking for ?

commented Jan 3 by The-Lu (49,760 points)

Hello PlantUML team,

Thanks for this enhancement.

And on the same topic:

  • How to change font, size, colour, etc. of the resources on the bottom of the diagram?
  • Then could you add a new command like hide ressources footbox in order to hide the resource footbox on the bottom?

Thanks for your works.

commented Jan 3 by plantuml (279,680 points)

You can now have hide ressources footbox.

About changing font/size/colour of the ressources on the bottom of the diagram, it's not a top priority for us. Actually, giving some suggestions for CSS syntax may help us :-)

commented Jan 3 by The-Lu (49,760 points)

Thanks for this new enhancement.

I will search, but it is not urgent, some CSS names for resources on the bottom of the diagram...


commented Jan 4 by eszasdwer (140 points)

This is the feature I was looking for!
However, the following error occurs in the local version, not the online version.

#java -jar plantuml-1.2021.16.jar test.puml
Error line 2 in file: test.puml
Some diagram description contains errors

PlantUML 1.2021.16

[From string (line2) ]


hide ressources names

Syntax Error?

Is this feature not available in the local version?

commented Jan 4 by plantuml (279,680 points)
You will find this feature in last snapshot
commented Jan 4 by eszasdwer (140 points)

Wow! Thank you so much for the quick and kind reply! yes