"Default" line colors are not supported anymore

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asked Feb 15, 2022 in Bug by kirchsth (5,780 points)

After the bugfix I found another problem that the "default"  skinparam of an arrow is not supported too.
E.g. if the default style of an arrow is green and only parts of the styles are overlayed via skinparams then the line should not be invisible/white (in older versions the final combinations orange/green or green/orange were working)

skinparam arrow {
    Color green
    FontColor green

skinparam arrow<<orangeText>> {
    Color ;text:orange;line.dotted

skinparam arrow<<orangeLine>> {
    Color orange;line.dashed

skinparam arrow<<origGreen>> {
    Color ;line.dashed

rectangle "==A" <<person>> as a
rectangle "==S" <<system>> as s
rectangle "==E" <<external_system>> as e

a -->> s <<orangeText>> : **orange text**
s -->> e <<orangeLine>> : **orange line**
a -->> e <<origGreen>> : **origGreen**


BR Helmut

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answered Feb 15, 2022 by plantuml (295,000 points)
selected Feb 16, 2022 by kirchsth
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Once again, many thanks for your tests.

This is fixed in last version.

So tell us if you find other issues!

commented Feb 16, 2022 by kirchsth (5,780 points)
thank you for the fix
BR Helmut